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Linklaters transforms working practices for its lawyers worldwide with Windows 10 devices.

To increase efficiency while improving the work-life balance for lawyers, Linklaters needed to embrace a more flexible and mobile approach by equipping 5,000 users worldwide with Windows 10 technology.


To increase efficiency while improving work-life balance for its lawyers around the world, Linklaters was keen to embrace a more flexible and mobile approach by equipping more than 5,000 users globally with the latest Windows 10 technology. With ambitious timescales, wide spread locations, and multiple time zones, the firm needed a partner with international capabilities to ensure a swift and smooth deployment.


Linklaters selected Computacenter for the depth and breadth of its Microsoft expertise, as well as its international logistics and engineering capabilities. Computacenter designed, built and tested the Windows 10 image and SCCM environment and sourced 3,500 new Lenovo Yoga laptops and Microsoft Surface tablets, configured and deployed from Computacenter’s Configuration Center. Computacenter also provided engineering resources to assist with deployments across 28 international locations, including rebuilding 2,000 existing desktops.


Leveraging Computacenter’s industrialised processes, Linklaters successfully completed its workplace transformation on time and with minimal disruption to users. The new IT environment enables lawyers to work from anywhere, improves their work-life balance and enhances client communication and collaboration. As well as providing a better user experience and increasing productivity, the new working environment will help support the future ambitions of the firm.

Computacenter was instrumental in helping Linklaters achieve a seamless workplace transition on a global scale and deliver a step change in the user experience, enabling us to better service our clients.

Matt Peers - CIO, Linklaters

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