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Consumables at the touch of a button

BMW Group removes cost and complexity from peripheral procurement

Computacenter provide employees across the BMW Group with tech from vending machines 24x7, helping to reduce times and costs involved in distributing new devices.




The goal was to speed up distribution of peripheral devices, such as mice and adapters, and to make the process more cost effective. The BMW Group also wanted to make sure employees had access to all components known as ‘C-parts’ at any time without the need for an authorisation process.




Computacenter converted a commercial vending machine, similar to those used for sweets and crisps, to dispense peripherals. Employees can now use their employee ID cards to obtain C-parts as required.




The distribution of IT consumables is now cheaper and faster with the converted vending machine. The pilot test before moving to production had shown that Computacenter’s pragmatic approach met the customer’s expectations.


Thanks to the constructive teamwork between Computacenter and the BMW Group, we were able to implement the new project on time, to budget, and without compromising quality

Jörg Christ - Project Manager, Computacenter

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