Productive people are key to business success. People who are engaged, free from the disruption of downtime, and able to concentrate on what’s most important. It’s the sweet spot where speed, focus and ability meet.​

Whoever they are, whatever they’re working on, they should have the right tools to execute effortlessly and painlessly. Whether that’s collaborating across geographies, prioritising workloads, or communicating with customers, nothing should get in their way.​


Your IT infrastructure and digital technology are key to making your people truly productive. Not only that, but they can also provide you and your team’s continual insights and data that will empower your organisation to refine, optimise and adapt.​


Computacenter’s services give you everything you need to make your people productive.​


Whether it’s utilising AI and automation to remove the menial and mundane or offering your people a wide choice of tools and apps (including the devices they know and love), Computacenter can help you drive productivity.

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Our Approach


Distributed work depends on great support, both human and automated. Our omnichannel (context aware) approach extends from offering the right choice of tools to ensuring they’re supported to boost productivity.​


Stable, secure, constantly supported at every level based on a foundation of clever integration of technologies matched to specific needs and objectives. That’s what we deliver.​


We create and run smart spaces and virtual environments that enable your people to share their ideas and contribute to teams and projects easily.​


Using intelligent, automated solutions we make sure that your people get the benefit of the latest devices and apps. ​

Our Workplace Propositions ​

Device as a Service

Our product and service expertise combines to optimise your device estate and deliver predictable IT. By controlling the end-to-end lifecycle of your devices, we ensure your people remain productive at all times​

Collaboration Management

Intuitive and empowering tools and solutions that make it easy to get work done. Empower your employees to work at their best and collaborate with colleagues – from anywhere​

Endpoint Management

The combination of best practice processes and systems management tooling across diverse endpoint platforms to configure, deploy, manage devices and delivers an exceptional experience for the modern workforce.​

Intelligent Support Experience​

People and their experiences are at the core of everything we do. We provide flexible, personalised support services that are easy to access, are responsive and designed to keep your people productive.​

Focused on what matters most​

Our Solutions

Workplace - Cloud & Applications - Data Center - Networking - Security