IT Governance, Risk and Compliance Solutions (GRC): understand risk and how to achieve compliance

Risk is at the forefront of decision making. The balance of cost versus exposure is an ongoing struggle for most CISOs. Computacenter helps to support, maintain and evolve the technology solutions, processes and services required by businesses to not only protect and defend their IT, but also to align to strict IT governance frameworks, Industry Standards and corporate regulations. Computacenter consultants provide vendor assessment and sourcing services which assess and evaluate existing GRC processes and methodologies and provide the expertise to change or to design and implement new GRC processes and technologies.

Selected examples from our Solutions portfolio

Managed Services


Customer Information Security Management

The Customer Information Security Manager (CISM) ensures Computacenter’s compliance to customers regulatory requirements and security policy where Computacenter delivers managed services. In their role as a Single Point of security contact they also support the customer with advice and insight on security matters such as audits, compliance and the management of vulnerabilities.

Consultancy and Professional Services


Security Assessment Services

Services helping customers understand the best approach to managing risk within their organisations. Computacenter will provide insight, advice and guidance as to the most appropriate tooling and the most optimal process to ensure customer risk is identified, categorised, communicated and managed.

Automated Vulnerability Management

Innovative consultancy focused on process design and integrated tooling strategy to ensure the output of vulnerability scanning delivers successful patching.

Information Security Management

Our Information Security Management service helps customers to establish their ISMS (Information Security Management System) and to assess the effectiveness of an existing ISMS, offering guidance as to how it can be improved.



Computacenter has long established relationships with all the leading Security vendors.


In addition, we offer a number of product sourcing capabilities to help our customers navigate the complex security vendor marketplace.


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Vendor Product assessment and testing

Our four-stage process covers requirements definition and vendor shortlisting, shortlisted vendor evaluation and assessment, detailed product comparison and testing using our BattleDays solution and full proof or Concept design and hosting.

Procurement Services

We offer a comprehensive set of commercial services that support Security product sourcing. These include technical design validation, Bill of Materials management, E-business including AWS Marketplace, stock holding, forecasting & planning, commercial management and advice, Financing Solutions, Product Roadmap Management, Renewals management and product Disposal.

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Logistical Services

We support our customers at every stage of sourcing security Hardware. Our Logistics services includes Customer Inventory Management including buy & store, staging and delivery, datacenter ‘rack n roll’ trolley deployment, complete rack deployment, specialist delivery services and packaging recycling

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Technical Services

With capability spanning solution integration, build management, asseting and registration, Secure environments and disposal – data center decommissioning and data removal – our Technical Services help to support our customers beyond the initial transaction of security licencing or security hardware.

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Solutions & Services

Cyber Defence

Defend and react faster using security monitoring, vulnerability management, Endpoint Detection & Response, incident response services and threat intelligence.

Cloud Security

Protect critical information, support regulatory compliance and secure privacy with flexible, scalable policies, controls, procedures and technologies covering public, private and multi-cloud environments.

Infrastructure Security

Enhance infrastructure availability and support agility by optimising and consolidating infrastructure security controls and helping to implement new Security architectures.

Workplace Security

Secure the workplace, protect users and guard data with a comprehensive set of services including Windows 10 security solution design, M365 Security Advisory services and Managed Endpoint Detection and Response.

Identity & Access

Balance user productivity with data security, lock down security risks and open up new ways of remote working.

IT Governance, Risk & Compliance

Support and maintain IT governance frameworks with technology solutions that protect customer policies, processes and people. Understand how to adapt working practices to monitor and manage governance, minimise risk and ensure your organisations achieves compliance.

Industrial Security

IT expertise combined with OT know-how to make your organisation ready for Industry 4.0. Develop, implement and maintain IT infrastructures to deliver high-performing and secure architectures from the factory to the Data center.

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