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Credit Suisse

Transformation of IT support brings digital-first experience

In partnership with Credit Suisse, Computacenter is providing a digital-first support experience to Credit Suisse’s users and customers, efficiently resolving issues, and helping customers work without disruption.

An ambitious digital strategy to deliver Support Productivity and Customer Experience (SPACE).




During the past three years, Credit Suisse and Computacenter have been focusing on improving the former’s self-help channels and remote IT support services. This aligns to the combined strategy of the two companies which is to provide a better customer experience ensuring customers receive timely and attentive support when they need it most.




Provision of a wide digital-first support experience, efficiently resolving issues and helping our customers work without disruption.




Serving customers with a consumer-like, personalised experience to resolve issues quickly and get more work done.


Over the past five years we have partnered together to transform our award-winning IT Support Services. Computacenter has been our strategic partner throughout this journey helping us handle unprecendented volumes whilst increasing support productivity and customer experience.

Christopher May - Managing Director, Credit Suisse

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