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NHS Worcestershire Acute Hospitals

Technology services: pandemic and beyond

Digital Engagement services delivers major improvement in user engagement and experience

Computacenter has been managing Worcestershire Acute Hospital NHS Trust’s (WAHT) technical infrastructure via a Technology Services contract for many years.




In 2021, the contract was due for renewal, and modernising an ageing infrastructure and transitioning to new innovative digital services was a priority.




WAHT extended the Technology Services contract with Computacenter and negotiated several elements to ensure business continuity and certainty of service throughout the pandemic as well as adding new services.




The first year of the renewed Technology Services contract has resulted in significant digital transformation for the Trust, with new digital tools and features bringing about a muchimproved user experience. The adoption of NGSD has been enthusiastically welcomed, seeing a 50% shift from traditional Service Desk to multi-channel support, while adoption of TechCenters has been hugely successful, with a 95+% user satisfaction rate.

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"We have a massive agenda around Digital, and therefore it is essential that we have really strong strategic partnerships and strategic relationships."

Vikki Lewis - Chief Digital Information Officer Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust

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