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Cloud-only strategy with Apple devices

With MacBook and iPhone, new employees at SHARE NOW are ready to work from day one.

The carsharing provider needed a high-performance software and hardware solution - and the key would be cloud.




SHARE NOW needed a flexible, scalable IT infrastructure at locations throughout Europe. The guiding principle was the cloud-only strategy: the company did not want to buy solutions, but to follow the principle of its own business model, using them as a consumer and renting resources flexibly. To attract the best specialists, SHARE NOW also wanted to provide a modern IT workstation.




With partners Computacenter, Apple, Jamf, Okta and Google, SHARE NOW developed a modular solution. It is based on an end-to-end approach to equip new employees directly with a MacBook and iPhone during onboarding, and gradually replace existing systems. The technical solution is identity management from Okta, Google Suite for collaboration and Jamf for device management. Office 365 ensures compatibility with legacy documents from the previous IT landscape.




SHARE NOW is independent of hardware and software and can assemble and equip teams very quickly. From their first day at work, new employees have access to a secure and immediately operational IT infrastructure, which is particularly attractive thanks to modern Apple equipment. Its modular structure means that the solution can be changed at any time, scaled and extended and adapted to new requirements. The leasing model ensures that costs and technological development are always in harmony.


We created the complete system landscape together with Computacenter, Apple and Apple Financial Services - from hardware and software to services and implementation.

Erik Bak-Mikkelsen - Head of Cloud Operations, SHARE NOW

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