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Amazon Web Services - Marketplace

Why Computacenter for AWS Marketplace?

Customers face challenges in their software supply chain, such as high costs of legacy software licensing and maintenance, drawn out procurement cycles that inhibit innovation, and a lack of visibility into organisational software usage. Organisations are looking for simplification and innovation in the way they procure software. They want to buy more relevant software from fewer providers or places.

Computacenter understands that via  AWS Marketplace  customers can unlock innovation when they have the tools to tailor software discovery, procurement, and provision to the needs of multiple teams across their organisation.

Computacenter will help you assess your software requirements …then help you via AWS Marketplace  find, test, procure, consume and manage third-party software and services that you need to build solutions and run your business. Computacenter assists customers to get custom contract duration, tailored end-user commercial terms and seamless product fulfilment to help balance agility and governance.

We help Customers:

  • Gain greater Visibility and Control
  • Reduce cost and complexity
  • Improve agility
  • Increase compliance

How does It work?

Computacenter can provide private and customer pricing via AWS Marketplace (Private Offers) to facilitate ISV contract flexibility, and allow customers to benefit from negotiated/bespoke commercial terms.

If you know what ISV software you want to buy, you can contact your account manager directly and then we will work with the ISV provider to establish the right programme to create the offer in

If you do not know which software you need to help you meet your business objectives , Computacenter, with our  deep technical knowledge and skills, can help you navigate and select the right and appropriate technology to achieve your goal whilst optimising spend and mitigating risk

In both instances,  you can procure the ISV solution through your AWS account, the exact same way you do for any of the other AWS services, and 50% of your  AWS marketplace spend can count towards your committed cloud spend.

Software Procurement Transformation

Computacenter have served as a trusted advisor for over 30 years to procurement teams and we understand that software procurement has never been more complex.

Software Sourcing complexity is caused by the need for governed agility, price assurance with compliance, yet remaining mindful of a necessity to optimise legacy investments technically and commercially in the face of rapidly emerging technologies that require testing and integration.

Customers are looking for simplification and innovation in the way they procure software. They want to buy more relevant software from fewer providers or places. They also want advice as to how to migrate software, know what can be moved and what can’t, control user access on the cloud and manage it. Importantly they’re looking to simplify and streamline purchasing, licensing and invoicing – which includes a shift to subscriptions and SaaS

Computacenter can support customers in their adoption of AWS Marketplace as a means of changing the way they buy, allowing the customer to leverage the best available commercials whilst still getting the flexibility around purchasing and deployment.

Computacenter can support Procurement Transformation by:

  • Advising the customer on the best channel to procure technologies
  • Advising the customer on how best to consume the software (hourly, daily or as part of an Enterprise agreement) so you only pay for what you consume
  • Giving the customer visibility of their Marketplace spend
  • Supporting the adoption of online marketplaces to allow faster deployment of technologies


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In 2020 one in five B2B buyers are already utilizing cloud marketplaces as part of their software sourcing strategy.

Stuart Wilson, Research Director, European Partnering Ecosystems, IDC

Gartner estimates that over 25% of global 1,000 companies are using online marketplaces in some capacity to purchase all types of technology, and that well over 75% have tried them.

Gartner, Predicts 2020: Negotiate Software and Cloud Contracts to Manage Marketplace Growth and Reduce Legacy Costs, Jo Liversidge, Frances