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New Solar Array Live in Livermore

Computacenter has completed the installation of its newest solar panel installation at its Integration Center in Livermore, California. The new solar panels will allow Computacenter to begin generating its own electricity for use in its Integration Center and other on-site operations.

Over 1200 SolarSmart panels were installed across a 750,000-kW system, helping Computacenter avoid 140 tCO2e per year whilst generating approximately 55% of Livermore's total annual power consumption. In the project's next phase, Computacenter will host electric vehicle charging points powered by the solar arrays, allowing employees, visitors, and customers to charge their electric vehicles when visiting the California Integration Center.

Paul Cullington, VP Tech Sourcing Operations, stated 'Generating energy at our California Integration Center is one way we are reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions whilst contributing to the wider company journey to Net Zero. For our people and our customers, it demonstrates our commitment to sustainable operations across our portfolio, and aligns with our customer's strategic sustainability objectives for their supply chain.'

Computacenter's investment in on-site solar capabilities has proven successful in multiple locations across Europe, including the Integration Center in Hatfield, the largest commercial system in the UK at the time, and the recently completed solar carpark in Kerpen, Germany.

This year, Computacenter will become Carbon Neutral across Scopes 1 & 2 emissions, with a further commitment to reach Net Zero (inc. Scope 3) by 2040. Computacenter’s investment in on-site solar electricity represents the direct action required to decarbonise its own operations, whilst leveraging clean energy for the products and services it provides to customers.

For more information about Computacenter’s journey to Net Zero, commitments, and frameworks, click here.

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