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​Automation is essential for both the deployment and management of modern networks. With Network Automation enterprises will get the maximum benefits of software-defined network infrastructure such as Time-to-Deploy, Rapid Data Center Deployment or efficiency and resilience in network operations. Our end-to-end Network Automation Service Offering guides customers step by step through assessing the current state, identifying what is possible with current technology, identifying trends and innovations leading to an automation roadmap, proof of value, as well as implementation and migration.


Why Network automation?


  • Improve agility and responsiveness to business change
  • Increase level of standardisation and compliance
  • Improve service uptime levels and availability
  • Achieve cost savings
  • Reduce the complexity in network administration
  • Reduce human errors
  • Reduce manual and repetitive work
  • Enable dynamic network security

What are we automating?


  • Resolution of events and problems which happen within the network
  • Reaction to monitoring alerts
  • Delivery of device configuration with minimal human intervention, typically the device just needs to be connected to receive its configuration by Zero-Touch-Deployment
  • Configuration changes in day 2 operations to improve accuracy, consistency (reduce human error) and speed
  • Test automation applied to reduce the risk associated with a failed change and create a validated and holistic test library 
  • Documentation for changes is automatically created or updated
  • Ensure network and security automation is included in any self-service mechanism
  • Ensure the same benefits of automation are applied to security
  • Continually monitor the network for compliance violations, and if detected, instantly, or maybe after change approval, remediate them.

10 steps to success


Our service consists of 10 sequenced modules but can be executed flexibly, depending on the customer’s specific situation. Customers will receive a detailed perspective on their readiness to apply automation, in turn to enable the functionality of modern network infrastructures and gain maximum benefit from a future oriented and cost-efficient network platform.



Our networking automation solutions and services


Network Automation
Assessment & Advisory


Let us guide you.


Gain a detailed perspective on your readiness to apply automation joining us on your journey through the steps to assess the current state, identify what is possible and with available technology, identify trends and innovations leading to an automation roadmap and proof of value.

Network Automation


We drive network automation.


This framework enables flexibility to adapt to your appetite for automation and span the complex blend of vendor technologies to deliver business and operational value.

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