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Microsoft 365: Licensing advice and project support

Computacenter supports SoCura in the operation and optimisation of its Microsoft 365 environment.

Founded as the Shared Service Center of Malteser, the non-profit SoCura is now a leading IT service provider for organisations in the welfare and social economy. Its core service - the Wohlfahrt.Cloud - is tailored to the needs of the sector. SoCura’s largest customer is still Malteser with a good 90,000 employees (51,000 in voluntary work, 39,000 in full-time work). In addition, it also serves Caritas associations and dioceses, but also non-denominational voluntary welfare organisations.




The non-profit SoCura aims to offer its customers in the welfare sector a secure and personalised cloud platform based on Microsoft 365. The compliance and security requirements in addition to the licensing needs were identified as part of an independent consultation. Due to an operational reorganisation, SoCura needed external support at short notice for the implementation of its IT projects including the operation of its Microsoft 365 environment.




To ensure the stable operation of SoCura’s existing 16 Microsoft 365 tenants, Computacenter provided a consultant team at short notice. Its tasks included the reorganisation of communication structures, tenant administration, and 2nd and 3rd level practical operational support. Computacenter was involved in further security and optimisation projects, automation implementation, and provided strategic licensing advice on Microsoft 365.




As part of the licensing consultancy, SoCura received a complete overview of the direction and goals for its cloud strategy as well as the related projects. This included a total cost estimate. As a result, numerous projects to increase security and optimise the Microsoft 365 environment have already been successfully completed. SoCura’s IT operations have not only been stabilised, but also made more efficient and cost-effective.


Our fundamental goal is to provide our clients with a secure and custom-fit cloud platform that can be easily accessed not only by full-time staff but also by the numerous volunteers of client organisations.

David Wester - Head of Service and Support, SoCura

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