Productive People

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Empower your people, wherever they are working, with optimal IT infrastructure and workplace technology

  • Ensure employees have the right technology to execute effectively and effortlessly for maximum productivity
  • Provide continual data insights to refine, optimise and adapt working practices
  • Enable global teamwork, prioritise workloads and facilitate effective collaboration and communication

Productivity and teamwork

Productivity and Teamwork service is designed to enable an organisation to optimise license use, by ensuring employees have access to the right features and have a seamless, integrated experience. We enable people the flexibility to work in a hybrid manner with the peace of mind that their services are up to date, relevant and secure, with vendor feature releases, so our customers can maximise employee productivity.


Modern Endpoint Management

Endpoint Management delivers a centralised and consistent method of managing workplace devices and draws together multiple technologies into a unified managed service. Computacenter use a mix of unified tools and techniques wherever possible to simplify how both physical and virtual devices can be managed.

Optimise existing investments and utilise our own automation platforms to deliver an efficient service providing your people an exceptional experience wherever and however they are working.

Managed Print

Apps. Portals. Analytics. They are all critical for success in a digital age. But there’s another important enabler missing from the list: printers. Despite the growing shift to digital experiences and workflows, printers are still key to employee productivity and customer service.

Computacenter's Managed Print Service (MPS) proposition is the provision of print technology and associated infrastructure with a combined service and governance. Our Managed Print Services (MPS) leverages technology sourcing, professional service and managed service, as well as a vast range of choices with our vendor partners, often integrated into an existing contractual service.

experience optimisation

Experience Optimisation

At Computacenter, we've developed an innovative service that empowers our Service Desk with advanced analytics solutions, enabling faster problem diagnosis and proactive identification of future issues that may impact users. This, in turn, leads to heightened user satisfaction. Our dedicated Data Analysts work in tandem with AI-powered Proactive Engineers to detect and address problems before they occur, ensuring a seamless user experience.

We go beyond conventional analytics by prioritizing employee well-being and obtaining insights directly from the source—the employees themselves. Our approach encompasses not only hard metrics but also focuses on enhancing delight and productivity aspects that end users bring to the table. At Computacenter, we're committed to providing a holistic view of the entire customer ecosystem to deliver exceptional service.

Managed SD Campus

Managed SD Campus is designed for customers seeking advisory, transformation, and managed services as part of an end-to-end network service. Enterprises can securely meet their networking goals with minimal exposure to unnecessary risk. Computacenter’s experience will take customers through the advisory, plan, design, build, and run phases to create a campus network that works for business.


Managed SD WAN

Managed SD-WAN is an end-to-end service which delivers the transformation of the customer WAN. Providing expert navigation through the complex journey of advisory, design, source, transform and manage, we bring your network to a new level, unleashing the full potential of that investment.

Utilising Cisco Meraki SD-WAN as the underlaying technology, Computacenter deliver the highest possible level of performance for critical applications, all without sacrificing security or data privacy.