Hybrid Platforms 

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Thrive in the digital age with modern infrastructure and the limitless possibilities of cloud through simplified management of your technology

  • Harness the power of cloud to enhance and transform your data center
  • Provide the right platforms for existing applications and future digital services
  • Innovate to respond fast and effectively to customer expectations and digital business change

Managed Cloud

Computacenter are committed to supporting customers throughout their cloud journey. In the face of the rapid evolution of cloud technologies, Computacenter remain dedicated to ensuring that our services consistently align with your needs and expectations. Your cloud journey is our priority, and we're here to ensure that our service continues to stack up to your requirements. Our distinctive approach revolves around simplifying the intricacies of cloud adoption. We partner closely with our customers to craft a comprehensive strategy and roadmap, facilitating the seamless operation of public cloud solutions at an enterprise scale. Guided by our 'well-architected framework’, we tailor cloud implementations to meet your requirements whilst staying aligned to Computacenter’s hybrid cloud architectural & security standards.

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Managed Infrastructure

Managed Infrastructure Service is designed for customers seeking advisory, transformation, and managed services as part of an end-to-end infrastructure service. Our customers can securely meet their infrastructure goals avoiding exposure to unnecessary risk. Using Computacenter’s unrivalled experience and partnerships we take customers through the advisory, plan, design, build, and run phases of a programme that allows customers to stay focused on their key business objectives.

We design and install your solution in the most efficient manner, and we continue to scale your infrastructure as your needs change. Platforms can be quickly provisioned and configured remotely, reducing the time and effort required for infrastructure setup, all carried out using the best of breed tools. We can provide enhanced analytics and insights across your infrastructure giving you unparalleled visibility of your estate. Using this data allows us the ability to understand trends and avoid problems before they impact your users.

Field and on-site services

Field and On-Site Support Services helps organisations with physical proximity of our field service solutions when remote or digital resolutions aren’t appropriate. There are a range of support services and delivery approaches that deliver fast, personalised, convenient assistance. We deliver support where people need it; in their office, on their campus, at home, in their production facility or even on their shop floor. Our service has multiple support models that are based on SLAs and include Next Business Day, Same Day, Event and VIP.

onfield services