Connected Enterprise 

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Connect your organisation securely, reliably, flexibly and seamlessly to enable your business in a modern world

  • Control the complex ecosystem of network technology, data, applications and stakeholders
  • Seamlessly integrate varying systems
  • Benefit from ongoing support and strategic oversight of your network that leverages the latest innovation

Modern Endpoint Management

Endpoint Management delivers a centralised and consistent method of managing workplace devices and draws together multiple technologies into a unified managed service. Computacenter use a mix of unified tools and techniques wherever possible to simplify how both physical and virtual devices can be managed.

Optimise existing investments and utilise our own automation platforms to deliver an efficient service providing your people an exceptional experience wherever and however they are working.

onfield services

Managed SD Campus

Managed SD Campus is designed for customers seeking advisory, transformation, and managed services as part of an end-to-end network service. Enterprises can securely meet their networking goals with minimal exposure to unnecessary risk. Computacenter’s experience will take customers through the advisory, plan, design, build, and run phases to create a campus network that works for business.

Managed SD WAN

Managed SD-WAN is an end-to-end service which delivers the transformation of the customer WAN. Providing expert navigation through the complex journey of advisory, design, source, transform and manage, we bring your network to a new level, unleashing the full potential of that investment.

Utilising Cisco Meraki SD-WAN as the underlaying technology, Computacenter deliver the highest possible level of performance for critical applications, all without sacrificing security or data privacy.