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Security that grows with you

With over 30 years of collaboration, Computacenter and Symantec have secured countless workplaces, data centers, and networks, as well as protecting the data, personal information and assets of our most valued customers. As an established security provider that works over multiple platforms, nobody else knows the security landscape like Symantec. Computacenter’s long and symbiotic relationship with Symantec is not just about what we’ve achieved together, but rather, how we’ve grown alongside one another, adapted to new platforms, adopted new technologies, and proactively protected customers against emerging and existing threats.

Computacenter is the most accredited Symantec partner in Europe, evidenced by a comprehensive understanding of the security landscape, and a commitment to protecting the assets of our customers both at home and on-the-go. The scale offered by Computacenter, means that integration of a Symantec solution can be easily achieved, no matter where in the world you are.

Symantec, now a division of Broadcom, are specialists in Endpoint Security, Information Security, Network Security and Identity Security. From scanning emails, to monitoring transport layers, to securing desktop computers, Symantec has a solution that privileges outcomes, and keeping your IT roadmap on course. Prevention is always better than a cure, which is why at Computacenter, we are always looking at proactive, and forward-thinking security solutions for our customers.

A Computacenter security solution is an investment in the future. It guarantees a safe road ahead and removes the stress of IT so that businesses can focus on what they do best. We don’t see security as a value-added service, but part of the core of any digital transformation.

Key transformations include:

  • Integrated Cyber Defense to comprehensive:  Threat protection and compliance for your enterprise.
  • Endpoint Security: Endpoints are the critical last line of defense against cyber attackers. Symantec Endpoint Security solutions prevent, harden, detect, and respond to emerging threats across laptops, desktops, tablets, mobile phones, servers, and cloud workloads.
  • Network Security: Email and web access are the lifeblood and essential communication means for every modern organization. Symantec has a full array of network security solutions, as well as a shared set of advanced threat protection technologies.
  • Information Security: Symantec offers integrated information security solutions to help you protect sensitive data everywhere it goes - across endpoints, cloud services, private apps, and on-premises.
  • Identity Security: User identities are under attack by cyber criminals hoping to exploit their access and privileges and do harm. Symantec mitigates these attacks by enforcing granular security policies to stop unauthorized access to sensitive resources and data.




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Helping you to deliver secure business in a volatile world.
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