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Knowledge is power

Give your business the competitive edge with in-depth analytics and real-time data monitoring from Splunk and Computacenter. Recognised as both Elite Resellers and Elite Managed Service Providers, Computacenter is your ideal network analytics and big data partner. With a strong and diverse range of networking and service offerings, Computacenter are proud to incorporate Splunk into their digitalisation strategies.

Splunk’s industry leading software can help your analytics strategy by capturing real-time data, identify emerging patterns, and catalogue learnt information. Its unique AI and ML backend provides it with the fast insights that can be easily visualised through reports, graphs, alerts, and an interactive dashboard. Splunk can be deployed to improve application behaviour, inform security policy and compliance, and uncover emerging business and networking trends.

The horizontal nature of Splunk can be deployed within any ecosystem to diagnose problems, inform administrators and engineers of developing patterns, and provide intelligence for business operations. This cross-border approach allows people to see a wider picture beyond the functions of any single vendor. Whether it is cloud, hybrid, or a traditional networking environment, Splunk and Computacenter are your trusted partners in getting the right information to make the right decisions with.

Protect your most valuable digital assets: your data, with real-time monitoring and confidence. Computacenter’s Elite recognition with Splunk as both a reseller and managed service provider is indicative of our commitment to big data. When complex analytics are added to a Computacenter solution, it provides the chance to look beyond what is immediately in front of you and start engineering intelligently and proactively with confidence.

Key transformations include:

  • In-depth network analytics with real-time monitoring of traffic, threats, and patterns
  • Industry leading Machine Learning/AI to help inform the next step in your digitalisation strategy
  • Splunk engineer, design, and maintenance solutions from accredited specialists
  • Industrial protection with expanded IoT (Internet of Things) coverage and analysis


Computacenter is your preferred networking, security, and big data partner. With strong partnerships, strategic locations, and award-winning service delivery, make Computacenter your next move for security and analytics.




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