Empowering Business Transformation in an AI Driven World

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We harness the transformative power of AI to assist our customers in driving business growth through enhanced developer productivity and innovative application development, whilst at the same time leveraging optimised cloud infrastructure for maximum impact. 

Our experienced teams utilise cutting-edge AI technologies and leading business automation tools to streamline software processes, from professional coding to user-friendly low-code platforms, thereby significantly increasing efficiency.

Recognising the critical importance of data, we guide our customers in building robust AI and data platforms with rigorous governance and seamless accessibility, translating data insights into actionable strategies that foster sustainable growth. This helps our customers in their transition towards becoming genuinely data-centric organisations.

By understanding the unique needs of each customer and combining it with our expertise and strategic partnerships we ensure the delivery of seamlessly integrated, tailored solutions, regardless of their cloud environment.

Innovative application development

We build and operate modern and robust applications for you, or modernise existing ones, using Gen AI, to underpin your business growth.

Take smarter, data driven decisions

We assist you in improving data governance, quality, and availability, hence enabling you to take smarter decisions through analytics, modeling, and AI.

Boost developer velocity

We enable you to increase developer productivity and achieve faster time-to-market, embracing DevSecOps principles through cloud-native and observability platforms.

Optimised cloud environment

We can build, optimise, and manage robust public and multi-cloud environments at an enterpise scale for you, for seamless and efficient operations.

Frictionless business processes

We help you increase efficiency and deliver value faster by automating your business and IT processes.

Reduce costs & complexity

We optimise your application landscape, standardise your technologies and platforms, and reduce system diversity, all of which results in reduced costs and complexity.

Our Cloud & Applications Solutions and Services Portfolio

Our Cloud & Applications portfolio is broad and covers Advisory, Professional and Managed Services, alongside technology sourcing. Read further to find out how Computacenter can support your specific needs.

Cloud & Applications Solutions and Service Portfolio
Custom Application Services

We assist in developing, modernising, and operating your business applications, using DevSecOps principles and targeting improved productivity, increased efficiency, and faster value delivery.

Business Automation

Our expertise lies in automating and simplifying business and IT processes, through integration, workflow management, and by leveraging low-code solutions as well as automation software for increased productivity and efficiency.

Application Platforms

We focus on identifying and improving ways of working, by deploying, and driving adoption of development, cloud-native, and observability platforms, so your code development community experiences increased productivity.

Data & AI Platforms

We simplify the complexities of your current data landscape by enhancing data governance, quality, and availability. Our services enable you to perform analytics, modeling, simulations, and AI, leading to enhanced data-driven decision-making.

Cloud Services

We build, optimise, and manage robust cloud environments. This includes creating efficient hybrid cloud solutions, streamlining multi-cloud architectures, and transforming operating models for agile, automated and efficient cloud operations, as well as cost-efficient cloud management.

Why choose Computacenter

Deliver at scale

We have the size and experience to deliver digitisation at scale.

Broad vendor portfolio & vendor independent

We are vendor independent and always use the best solution from our broad portfolio to meet your requirements.

End-to-end capability

We offer the full spectrum of cloud infrastructure and software development capabilities.

Complex projects

Leveraging our large and dedicated project management and service management organisation we can carry out complex projects efficiently and effectively.

Large talent pool

We utilise a large pool of experts from numerous solutions centers.

Holistic transformation projects

Our financial stability and independence enables us to execute holistic transformation projects responsibly, e.g. as prime contractor.

Are you mastering the Art of Cloud Native Excellence?

Discover how we can help you on your Cloud Native journey.

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Cloud & Applications Customer stories

Toasting a successful managed service

Computacenter support Asahi's complex operations with ServiceNow.
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DHCW chose Computacenter to design and deliver their API Management solution needs.
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A clear strategy for cloud at Kellogg's

Analysing applications and exploring options to exploit cloud technology.
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Evaluating the cloud

Conducting a Cloud Maturing Assesment for HUK-COBURG Insurance.
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A forecast of Cloud for the Future

Computacenter's proven sourcing capability applied to cloud-based services.
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Automation with PowerShell

Computacenter and ScriptRunner support the City of Munich with automation in the Microsoft and Citrix environment.
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A solution with a future

Computacenter designs and implements a cloud-only infrastructure for Digital Charging Solutions.
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Innovating to create significant new business insight

Computacenter is exploiting the power of the Microsoft Power Platform.
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Benefit from our excellent partnerships & leverage our independent consulting

Excellent partnerships

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Application Services Centre of Excellence

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