6 Reasons Why Organizations are Upgrading their Networks

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Here are six reasons why organizations are opting to upgrade their networks: 

The Modern Workplace 

The workplace has changed dramatically over the past decade as organizations move from traditional, fixed workspaces to more flexible models that accommodate hybrid work and team collaboration. To enable employees and teams to do their job effectively without being tethered to desks, organizations need a network that is up to the task. 

Expanding Device Usage  

The proliferation of BYOD and mobile technologies has expanded device usage within organizations as employees expect access from wherever they may be working at any given time; therefore, requiring secure connections across multiple platforms including laptops/desktops computers, tablets and smartphones. Organizations must adapt to meet this increase in demand by deploying networks that can support this diverse range of devices and applications.  

Mission Critical Wi-Fi 

Wi-Fi is a mission critical business technology essential to organizational success — connecting employees and devices to the cloud and enabling them to access applications and data. Introducing Wi-Fi 6e into any enterprise organization will increase network speed and capacity to better meet business requirements.  

Real-Time Applications 

Real-time applications such as voice/video conferencing and video streaming require low latency to function effectively on a large scale. Because modern organizations rely on real-time communications, it is imperative that the network is equipped with the capacity to accommodate these applications without issue. 

IoT Initiatives 

IoT has many benefits for organizations, including improved efficiency, increased productivity, enhanced safety and security, and more informed decision-making. IoT devices can collect and transmit real-time data from various sources, allowing organizations to gain valuable insights and analytics for both customer experiences as well as operations. To accommodate IoT devices, most organizations need an upgraded network that can handle the increased traffic and provide reliable connectivity. The network must be scalable and secure to handle the volume of data generated by IoT devices. 

Location-Based Technologies 

Location-based technologies provide insight into user behaviors and customer interactions by activating a network connection or updating location data. These services are used to provide decision makers with accurate, real-time information that allows them to improve customer insights and customer experiences. To function to their fullest, location-based technologies require a network capable of rapidly relaying this critical data. 


Computacenter’s Network Access Modernization solution is a tailored approach to the organization’s individual needs. Our engineers create future-proof network access that delivers the performance, capacity and security needed for today’s high-density environment. To learn more, contact our experts at Computacenter for an in-depth discussion on how we can help organizations source, transform and manage their network for the modern workforce.

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Jeff Jennings

Director, Networking Portfolio

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