Moving into a modern working world

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Computacenter lays the foundation for hybrid working in the new building at the EUREF Campus.

GASAG AG is a Berlin energy company and one of the largest regional energy suppliers. With its subsidiaries, GASAG supplies around 800,000 household and commercial customers with natural gas, bio natural gas and green electricity.


In April 2021, the energy service provider GASAG moved into a new corporate headquarters on the EUREF campus in Berlin. The innovation location in Berlin-Schöneberg has a climate-neutral energy supply. In order to provide its employees with an agile and digitalised working environment, the company also wanted to lay the technological foundation in the energy quarter. The future-oriented office concept was therefore to be equipped with innovative multi-space solutions that support the desktop sharing concept.


Internally, the relocation project started back in 2017. From the very beginning, the focus was on the modern space concept in the new company headquarters. In order to take into account the current requirements and needs of the workforce and to be prepared for the future, GASAG involved its employees from the very beginning.


The employees now have a modern working environment at their disposal on 12,000 square metres at the EUREF Campus. As a future-oriented office concept, the multi-space solution flexibly adapts to agile forms of work and different needs. The new design promotes interaction and ensures motivated, efficient and creative employees.

In addition to the design concept, Computacenter also took care of the delivery, set-up and support for the media equipment – to our absolute satisfaction.

Steffen Löber - IT Architecture and Operations Officer at GASAG AG

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