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Photo of Steve Hatherly

Steve Hatherly

Managing Director, UK

Steve joined Computacenter in a sales role in 2003. He was promoted to Client Director in 2007 where he focussed on developing Computacenter’s client base in telecommunications, technology, media, and the retail and gaming industries. Steve has progressed through the organisation and brings more than 20 years of IT Sales to his current role as Country Unit Director for the UK, which he took on in 2023.

Photo of Nick Jones

Nick Jones

Director, International Tech-Co & Media Sector

Nick joined Computacenter as an Account Manager in 2013. He was promoted to a Client Director in 2018 where he focussed on developing Computacenter’s eGaming, Sports-betting and HyperScale customers.

In March, 2023 Nick was promoted to Sector Director for the newly formed International Tech-Co & Media Sector (ITM). The Customers that reside within this Sector include; HyperScalers, Technology Partners, SI’s, Service Providers, eGaming, Advertising and Media.

Photo of Phil Pearson

Phil Pearson

Director, Public Sector

Phil has been working at Computacenter for over 25 years. Phil initially started his Computacenter sales career in local government before moving into Financial Services to look after one of Computacenter’s largest banking customers. He later moved back into our Public Sector team, where he was responsible for building customer relationships and high performing teams with a variety of strategic customers. In June 2023 Phil was promoted to Public Sector Director, with the key objective of maintaining and growing a sustainable solutions and services business of significant scale.

Photo of Pete Groushko

Pete Groushko

Director, Technology Solutions Sales

Pete has been with Computacenter for over 25 years, progressing throughout the organisation in a variety of Sales Management and Leadership roles, including leading the Technology Solution Sales function until 2023. He now leads our combined Technology resell and professional services sales teams.

Photo of Chris Stratford 

Chris Stratford 

Director, Campaigns

Chris joined Computacenter through our graduate scheme in 1999 and has held a number of varied sales roles in over 20 years with the company. Since 2012 he worked as a Client Director, leading the relationship with some of our largest customers. In 2021 Chris became Sector Director for Industry, running a team of Client Directors and Account Managers who help our clients within core markets such as Manufacturing, Oil & Gas and Pharmaceuticals. He took on his current role, leading Campaigns, in early 2022.

Photo of Claire Goli 

Claire Goli 

Director, Enterprise & Industry

With over 27 years in the IT Industry, Claire is delighted to run the Enterprise Sector for Computacenter. Since graduating in 1991, Claire started her working career in the Media Industry and in 1994 moved to Computacenter where she has developed her career in I.T sales, working as an Account Manager and Client Director across a number of verticals. In 2021 Claire took over the responsibility of Sector Director for Enterprise leading a team of Client Directors and Account Managers whom support our customers across a board range of markets including Utilities and Travel, Transport and Logistics.

Photo of Tim Bruce

Tim Bruce

Director, Financial Services

Since February 2022, Tim has led the Financial Services & Insurance Sector. He will use his insight and experience to support our people as they continue to deliver value to existing and future customers.

Tim joined Computacenter in 2012 and has over 20 years’ experience enabling Financial Services and Insurance organisations to grow. Over the last ten years (six as Client Director) he has been helping one of Computacenter’s largest customers, developing strong CXO level relationships between our organisations.

Photo of Les Worthington

Les Worthington

Director – Core Markets

With over 20 years’ experience in the IT Industry, Les is the Sector Director responsible for Computacenter’s Core Markets. This Sector is made up of 5 key growth verticals, Pharma, Retail, Insurance, Professional Services & Legal. The team are focussed on building long term trust from our customers across these verticals as well as delivering growth from a specific set of new business targets. As with all the Sectors at Computacenter the breadth of services present within Core Markets stretches across our three main areas of focus in Technology Sourcing, Professional Services and Contractual Services.

Photo of Jon Bunyard

Jon Bunyard

Commercial Finance

Jon has worked for over 30 years in the UK & European IT channel, having held senior leadership roles in Sales, Commercial Management & Finance functions. He worked in the distribution business for both CCD (Computacenter Distribution) and Ingram Micro for 25 years. Jon re-joined Computacenter as a Commercial Finance Business Partner in 2014 to help grow the technology sourcing (product resale) business across Europe. Jon is now aligned to the day to day support of the UK sales force.

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Board of Directors

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Group Executive

Oberste Managementebene für alle operativen Bereiche der Gruppe.
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Board of Directors

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Board of Directors

Providing effective leadership for the Group's management and performance.
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Group Executive

High level leadership for our operations across the Group.
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Conseil d’administration

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