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Creating trusted digital identities

Computacenter and Thales provide everything an organization needs to protect and manage its data, identities and intellectual property - through advanced encryption solutions, key management and access control. We do so through our long-standing partnership and large, experienced teams with deep technical expertise. This is core to Computacenter’s Digital Trust security portfolio.

In the field of digital security, Thales is a world leader in protecting data, identities, software and transactions for a wide range of settings. As a result, Thales enables tens of thousands of businesses and organizations to deliver trusted digital services to billions of people around the world.

  • Cloud security: Support the drive to cloud, whether in accessing cloud services or encrypting data in multiple cloud environments.
  • Data Encryption & Key Management: Defending data in the digital world, with advanced encryption, key management and tokenisation solutions.
  • Access Management & Authentication: Secure and trusted access to cloud services and applications delivered with easy-to-use single sign-on and robust multi-factor authentication.
  • Compliance & Data Protection: Support to achieve and maintain compliance, to improve safety and to manage risk.


  • Platinum Partner


Recent Awards


  • Excellence Award 2020 (Germany)




Helping you to deliver secure business in a volatile world.
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