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Establishing the foundations for digitalisation

Over the last three decades Computacenter has partnered with Microsoft to help organisations create environments in which their people can thrive. In the face of constant change, we continue to empower individuals and organisations to adapt and succeed.

Combining the latest technologies from Microsoft with our industry-leading experience and processes, we bring user-centric IT experiences to the workplace. Computacenter and Microsoft help organisations to unlock the value of their greatest asset – people. We help you embrace change, improve user productivity, enable smarter decision making and deliver better customer service.

Microsoft’s Surface Devices, Windows 11, Microsoft 365 and the Azure cloud platform ensure CIOs can provide employees with a connected and secure consumer-like experience, wherever they are and however they need to work.

Driving the digital workplace

Computacenter is one of the world’s largest Windows integrators and a leader in modern workplace and cloud transformations. Find out more about:

Delivering Customer Success

Learn about our 30-year partnership with Microsoft and our co-creation approach to delivering customer success.
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A Powerful Partnership

Computacenter and Microsoft are leading forces in helping customers of every shape and size to transform digitally. Discover how we help embrace value, accelerate digital transformation, and secure long-term futures.
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The many faces of work

Hybrid work is here. How can organisations make the most of it and plan for what’s ahead?
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Microsoft Surface
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Microsoft 365
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Surface Hub
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Microsoft Azure
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Recent Awards

  • Worldwide Microsoft Surface Customer Obsessed Partner of the Year 2022
  • Worldwide Surface PC reseller Partner of the year 2021


Designed for People, engineered for Business​
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Sustainable Solutions for a Connected Future
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A solution with a future

Discover how to deliver richer workplace experiences that inspire and empower
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