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Innovation in action

In a rapidly changing technology landscape, innovation, agility and cost-effectiveness will be potent tools in being able to respond to the needs and demands of our customers.

Which is why Computacenter and Google working together are best placed to develop co-strategies and initiatives that will help our customers accelerate their digital business transformation with employee satisfaction front of mind.

Aligning Computacenter’s strength and experience with the full Google portfolio of solutions ensures we are uniquely placed to help customers maximise their cloud adoption and employee experience strategies.

Our solutions

At Computacenter we work with organisations to enable their employees with the devices they need to keep engaged and productive.

Computacenter also provides a range of services to help scale and accelerate public cloud strategies helping organisations maximise the benefit of their consumption and financial commitment.

Computacenter and Google’s partnership can help:

  • Empower employees with innovative devices
  • Support remote and mobile working
  • Accelerate cloud adoption

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Our capabilities around Google Cloud platform

Our specialist teams include:

  • Google Cloud Engineers
  • Google Cloud Architects
  • Google Network Engineers
  • Google Security Engineers
  • Google Data Engineers

Employee experience

Computacenter and Google help organisations benefit from being able to provide their employees with the very best tools they need to make the most of their abilities and talents, wherever they are, at any time.

They’ll also benefit from simplified Technology Sourcing, reassurance on matters of security, greater choice and simplicity leading to improved efficiency and productivity.

Google Chrome Enterprise unlocks the business capabilities of Chrome OS, Chrome Browser, and Chrome devices. Free IT from mundane administrative tasks, facilitate collaboration, and secure access to data and apps for your cloud workforce.

Chrome Enterprise unlocks the business capabilities needed to power the cloud workforce. Chrome Enterprise provides security by design, enterprise capabilities, and cost savings that can greatly benefit your business. Google Chromebooks give cloud workers fast access to applications, reduced downtime and improved workflows.

Cloud adoption

Computacenter provides a wide range of services to help organisations in the adoption of the Google Cloud Platform, including:

GCP Review - We assess use and ability to govern the onboarding of business & IT projects, providing a best practice roadmap to resolve and improve operations

GCP Landing Zones - We provide experienced cloud architects and DevOps to automate the governed onboarding of teams and projects

Generic Cloud Services - We provide organisations with the advice and technical skills to build the foundational capabilities to operate and optimise cloud consumption

GCP Migration - We execute customer workload migrations to Google Cloud Platform services, supporting the rehosting and re-platforming of complex Linux and Windows technologies

Google Cloud VMware Engine - We help plan, prepare and implement VMware Cloud Foundation on Google Cloud, and help migrate workloads onto the service

Anthos Adoption - We help plan, prepare and deploy Anthos GKE into their data center, connect their Kubernetes clusters, implement policy enforcement and migrate their workloads

GCP Data & Analytics Platforms - We help customers' plan, prepare and deploy Anthos GKE into the customers' data center, implem



  • Google Cloud Platform Services Partner and Reseller
  • Chrome Enterprise Sales Credential
  • Chrome Enterprise Deployment Credential

Google Cloud Platform

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Data Center

Sustainable Solutions for a Connected Future.
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Computacenter recognised as a leader in Next-Gen cloud

Recognised as a Leader in the UK and Germany for Managed Services of large accounts.
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