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Powering and protecting applications

Whether it’s apps that help connect businesses to their customers or apps that help employees do their jobs, they need computing power, intelligent network access and robust security from end to end. For more than ten years Computacenter and F5 have been enabling organisations to focus resources and capacity where they are most needed, provide secure business agility, reduce expenditure and simplify IT management.

One of F5’s few Platinum partners, and the only one in the UK, Computacenter has capability across the security, networking and cloud technologies, which is needed in application acceleration and storage virtualisation projects. We enable customers to reduce risk and cost as they drive end-to-end performance, optimise virtualised server environments and provide continuous secure access to applications. This capability spans sourcing, transforming and managing application automation, security and performance.

F5’s portfolio runs across app security, app development and multi-cloud management, with a number of industry-specific solutions. Their technology alliances are key to enabling customers to ‘securely deploy every app, anywhere’. The breadth of Computacenter’s powerful partnerships means that these alliances are with the same technology providers.

Cloud Innovator of the Year 2019 Award

‘’This award is recognition by F5 of the role Computacenter are playing in helping our enterprise customers transform through leveraging cloud and container technologies. The development of our Digithon IP, our cloud adoption framework, the investment in skills in containers and public cloud; these are all key components that accelerate the customer transformation. F5 are one of a small number of Key ISVs that are helping Computacenter leverage new ways of delivering best in class technology through new buying routes such as AWS Marketplace and supporting new sales motions.’’

Paul Casey, Computacenter Chief Technologist for Cloud and Hybrid IT


  • F5 Unity Platinum Partner
  • F5 GUARDIAN Professional Services Partner
  • Application Security Provider
  • Advanced Implementation Provider
  • Advanced Security Provider


Recent Awards


  • F5 Partner of the Year 2020
  • Cloud Innovator of the Year 2019
  • Cloud Innovator of the Year 2018
  • Leading reseller for the F5 BIG-IP(r) F5 ARX(r) UK & Europe


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