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Protecting data together

Computacenter and Commvault work together to protect our customers’ core data infrastructures. Commvault solutions provide complete backup and recovery following a data loss or breach, be that on premise, in the cloud or wherever the data lives. Computacenter provides these solutions within our DigitalPower portfolio of cloud and data center capabilities, helping customers to source, manage and transform their infrastructures. We have a deep understanding of Commvault’s software, architectures and overall solutions portfolio, which enables us to be one of the few organisations to achieve Commvault’s highest partner status.

Commvault is a truly complete backup and recovery solution that is simple, cost-effective, modern, and reliable. It gives organisations everything they need to conduct backup, recovery and archiving activities. It enables our customers to carry out operational reporting and perform hardware snapshot management, all in one complete solution, working with any data set.

Downtime is a costly situation for our customers’ businesses so to have recovery readiness in the face of a disaster is key, along with ensuring data governance, optimising costs and keeping up with constant change. Commvault meets this need through its own technology set, using the same base code across four customer offerings – Data Protection & Recovery, Identification, Retention & Governance, Mobile for Business, and IT Operations & Management – engineered to work together.


  • 1 of 4 UK Commvault Platinum Marketbuilder partners
  • Commvault Sales Professionals
  • Commvault Technical Sales Professionals
  • Commvault Solution Architects

Recent Awards

  • Commvault Growth Partner of the Year 2018


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Computacenter and Commvault

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