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Making customers’ digital ambitions a reality


From the datacenter and the cloud to the network and the workplace, Computacenter and Cisco help organisations establish the right digital building blocks.

To survive and thrive in a digital age, organisations need to empower their people with greater agility, better connectivity and stronger security.

By combining Computacenter’s end-to-end services with Cisco’s solutions, customers can establish the hybrid infrastructures and flexible workplaces they need to deliver and compete at speed.

From collaboration tools and security controls to network architectures and cloud environments, Computacenter and Cisco help organisations establish

flexible and reliable technology foundations for the future. We accelerate innovation. We enable integration. We unlock intelligence.

In the digitalisation driving seat

The Computacenter and Cisco partnership is founded on helping customers transform IT from a commodity to an asset for the digital age. We maximise productivity. We encourage mobility. And we boost agility.

By working together, we help organisations bring new IT capabilities and business services to market faster. We give organisations the competitive edge they need to grow, and help them stay in the driving seat in the digital age.

NHS Digital - Case-Study "The combined Computacenter and Cisco team’s expertise and commitment meant we were able to meet the tight project deadline. By enhancing NHS Digital’s security capabilities, we’ve been able to reduce the risk of threats and disruption to patient care."

Stefan Phillips
Account Manager, Computacenter

Better results, lower risk

By taking a holistic, user-centric approach to transformation and digitalisation, we help organisations maximise results and minimise risk. 

From sourcing new technologies and designing secure architectures to integrating legacy platforms and managing hybrid environments, we support our customers at every stage of their transformation and digitalisation journey.

We draw on 30 years’ of experience and partnership to help our customers:

  • Simplify the procurement of hardware and software from Cisco and other vendors
  • Streamline change and asset management with our dedicated online portal
  • Define and deploy transformations and migrations
  • Validate new Cisco technologies and integrations in our risk-free Global Solutions Center
  • Optimise the day-to-day support and maintenance of Cisco components


Customer Stories

Customer Stories

Financial Services, Public Sector, Retail, Utilities, Pharamaceutical,...

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Computacenter plc acquires PathWorks GmbH in Switzerland

Computacenter plc acquires PathWorks GmbH in Switzerland

Computacenter announces that it has acquired PathWorks GmbH.

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