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Apple portfolio provisioning options

Apple portfolio provisioning options

Apple Provisioning Options

Apple is now embedded in the corporate IT landscape; the iPad, iPhone and Mac are bringing greater mobility and productivity to many businesses and their users.

The consumerisation of IT has seen the rapid evolution of Apple devices and iOS in the workplace. In an attempt to keep pace, some organisations are provisioning, supporting and managing Apple devices in a tactical, ad hoc fashion. To meet business needs and enable users, CIOs need an enterprise approach as part of their core IT strategy.


Computacenter helps businesses support all workplace provisioning models, including: 


With the employer responsible for selecting, sourcing and supporting employee devices, the traditional approach is easier for the IT department to manage. However, this inflexible model is becoming increasingly unsatisfactory for some employees – particularly if they have state-of-the-art devices at home.


Device choice and personal enablement are not mutually dependent. Employee choice (select your own device) schemes when combined with COPE provide a valid alternative to BYOD. The employee is empowered to choose their own device, while the organisation retains control of the overall device and applications, support and maintenance.


The BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) premise appears simple, but everyday management can be complex. Restrictions on the use of apps, the provisioning of corporate apps and geo-fencing can feel invasive and over-controlling to users. The need for clarity over responsibility for device upkeep and timely repairs leads many organisations to offer BYOD only for ancillary devices, such as phones, from a restricted catalogue.


With COPE’s (Corporately-Owned, Personally-Enabled) balanced approach, organisations can satisfy employee demand while minimising business risks. But they still need to carefully consider exactly how COPE will work for different user profiles within the business and the limitations that must be set.


Allowing employees to purchase devices via the business can provide a control mechanism as part of a managed BYOD programme, or simply a perk for employees wishing to use the latest devices at home. 

Computacenter helps organisations enable their users and deliver successful COPE deployments with end-toend Apple services and expertise. We fulfil provisioning strategies. We secure corporate data. We configure devices. We maximise productivity and minimise risk.

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