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Software Defined

Business Transformation Through IT

Software Defined

Business Transformation Through IT

The world of enterprise IT is changing rapidly. Today’s CIO must look in new directions and consider new delivery models to meet escalating demands for immediacy and customer intimacy. Virtualisation, automation and orchestration are part of the new IT mix, while greater visibility and control is achieved through abstraction of the software layer. What does this mean for the CIO tasked with enabling business transformation through IT?

A survey last year found that 88 per cent of businesses are using public cloud technology and 63 per cent are using private cloud. With cloud clearly integral to modern IT.

Computacenter are increasingly being asked by CIOs and their IT teams to help them address new operational and management challenges associated with the move to software defined and cloud services. 

Computacenter’s Latest Insight

Our Insight Guide offers a thought provoking perspective on shadow IT and how software defined and cloud services are taking central IT in a new direction bringing together Computacenter’s top experts in networking, cloud and operations architecture.

There’s no doubt that software defined and cloud-based delivery offers exciting potential for enabling an agile and quick response to market changes. But making the transition also requires a number of organisational and process optimisation steps and it won’t happen overnight.

Download the insight guide now and receive our recommended top tips on the software defined cloud journey!

Opinion Videos

We interviewed some of Computacenter's leading experts in the business on the subject of the changing role of the CIO and how software defined and hybrid cloud is driving some this change.

David Parry Jones

Vice President & General Manager, 
Northern Europe, VMware


Chad Sakac



Joe Baguley

Vice President & Chief Technology Officer EMEA,



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