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Hybrid Cloud

Unify private & public cloud to improve agility and complexity

Hybrid Cloud

Creating a centrally managed and optimised hybrid cloud

At Computacenter, we help organisations make the most of their existing cloud services and implement new ones. We advise. We design. We deploy. And we manage. With our Hybrid Cloud Services, CIOs can establish and maintain the scalable cloud foundations needed to enable the business and its users.


  • 30+ years' experience in datacenter technologies
  • Relationships with public cloud providers and infrastructure vendors
  • Regulatory controls and data sovereignty in our services
  • Over 750 successful customer projects
  • Deployed 100,000+ virtual machines

We manage 28,000-plus physical and virtual servers and seven million events every year as part of our Global Infrastructure Operations.

​Repeatable and predictable

We draw on our infrastructure heritage and cloud expertise to ensure the CIO, the business and its users get what they want from the cloud.

Our services combine skilled resources with proven processes and best-of-breed technologies to maximise flexibility and minimise cost.

We have repeatable blueprints for every stage of the Hybrid Cloud Services lifecycle. Our approach simplifies the transition of core enterprise applications to hybrid cloud environments.

Our services enable CIOs to bridge the gap between public and private cloud resources, so they can provision workloads smarter and respond faster to business demand.

By providing end-to-end expertise and end-to-end visibility, we enable CIOs to manage cloud infrastructures and services more efficiently and cost-effectively.


Customer Stories

Customer Stories

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