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Security for Digital Transformation

Steps for simplifying and strengthening IT security in a digital age

Security for Digital Transformation

Digital natives understand how to use IT to their best advantage and expect to be able to use devices wherever and however they please for work and pleasure, often without considering the security implications.

But while facilitating greater efficiency with their IT proficiency, they are altering the enterprise security landscape. So, how can you optimise security for a digital workplace?

  • Eliminate security siloes
  • Reduce the landing zone for attacks
  • Monitor user behaviour
  • Stamp out Shadow IT
  • Step up authentication

"Nine out of 10 large organisations experienced a security breach in 2013. The cost wasn't just financial, with reputational damage also impacting share value and customer trust."

​Increased vulnerabilities

With increased appetite for the latest devices, evermore endpoints are being used to access enterprise systems. In 2014 over 80% of incidents in the financial services industry involved endpoints.

To help balance enabling users with protecting data, we’ve created a practical five-step guide to optimising security for a digital age.

With the right security solutions and policies in place, organisations can tame the digital native without impacting user satisfaction, productivity or business performance.


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