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Device as a Service enables organisations to adopt a new approach - both at an operational and a commercial level - to the age-old need to refresh, maintain and support workplace devices. It also injects greater personalisation into the workplace IT experience.

With Device as a Service, organisations can provision agile workplace solutions that meet the needs of different users regardless of when, where and how they work. As well as equipping people with appropriate hardware, Device as a Service can simplify ongoing management of client devices and make costs more predictable.


Achieve Greater Agility and Predictability


How Computacenter’s approach to Device as a Service transforms the user experience.


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The scope of Device as a Service varies considerably depending on the provider – some offerings equate to little more than hardware leasing with an enhanced device warranty. As more players join the Device as a Service ranks, the ambiguity around roles and responsibilities is increasing.



Device as a Service provides organisations with a new model for provisioning hardware, delivering lifecycle services and supporting users.

To maximise agility and value, Device as a Service needs to be deployed on a multi-platform, multi-vendor basis and focused on the user experience.

By taking a more personalised approach to workplace IT, organisations will be able to empower their people to work more flexibly and efficiently – both key factors in attracting and retaining talent in a digital age.

cio_icon_h70  For the CIO

  • Makes costs more predictable and transparent
  • Simplifies and accelerates hardware refresh cycles
  • Reduces IT administrative burden and frees up resources

user_icon_h70  For the User

  • Increases productivity and satisfaction
  • Provides quicker access to new tools and features
  • Provides users with the latest technology by optimising the refresh cycle

business_icon_h70 For the Business

  • Boosts agility and accelerates change
  • Simplifies cross-charging and budgeting
  • Accelerates recruitment and aids talent retention due to improved satisfaction
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