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Mobile apps. Videoconferences. Online portals. Virtual meetings. The channels and choices for collaborative working are constantly increasing as digitalisation gains momentum.

Employees expect to be able to switch between collaboration channels quickly and easily regardless of their location or device. And they expect every channel to deliver the same high-quality experience.

Maximising flexibility and scalability
Computacenter helps organisations maximise the potential of collaborative working to empower employees and enable business success. We improve availability. We strengthen security. We increase flexibility. We enable organisations to balance consistency and quality across social, virtual and physical channels.


Meeting collaboration expectations in a digital age

Computacenter’s approach combines innovative collaboration tools with automated management systems and intelligent access controls to enable teams to work together effectively regardless of where they are based.

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Computacenter enables organisations to tailor collaboration solutions to meet the needs of different employees and workstyles.

From managed print environments to cloud-based resources, we help maintain a seamless user experience as collaboration channels emerge and evolve. We draw on our extensive knowledge of workplace technologies to ensure simple and secure access to data from any device and support the co-creation of content.


  • Provide social and virtual collaboration environments to enable employees and partners to connect with each other.
  • Automated management of industry leading solutions for security and availability


  • Intelligent meeting spaces, tailored for different workstyles.
  • Pervasive connectivity to support office mobility.
  • Flexible working environments enabling mobility and social integration


  • Simple access to information and data from any device.
  • Co-creation of content across platforms and locations.
  • Intelligent and contextual control of data access

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