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Modernise the Datacenter

Data-driven decision making

Modernise the Datacenter

Empowering your organisation through data

Increasing demand for enhanced experiences, data-driven processes and new, improved ways of working brings about the need to modernise and transform core IT systems and infrastructure. Data – and the information derived from it – sits at the heart of this. Enabling users through the efficient and secure provision of data on demand means connecting them to meaningful and live information held in core systems.


Once an analytics solution to extract valuable customer information and identify trends, behaviours and selling opportunities has been implemented, what next? Can you use IT operational analytics to empower your IT operations teams with visibility and insight into application systems and their performance? This all demands a shift in thinking beyond purely the technology. The prize is big. Putting in place the right infrastructure to ensure you seize this prize by transforming data into insight is thus a business imperative. Whilst the impact and effect of information, data and analytics are experienced at the IT edge, through devices, applications and interfaces, this can only work when it is connected to capability at the IT core.


Computacenter helps customers unlock the full business value of information by providing analytics-ready infrastructure for accessing, managing, protecting, hosting and analysing data across multiple sources and platforms. Crucially, it’s an end-to-end solution from the core to the edge, which sets us apart in this industry. Working with many of the leading data and analytic vendors, we are widely regarded as the ‘go to’ partner in this area. We understand the need to underpin availability and service levels across the business through data integration, predictive analytics, prescriptive analytics, integration and the optimisation of SaaS and applications.

Computacenter’s information and data services include:

  • Data Optimisation and Migration
  • Data storage and Management Strategy
  • Analytics Platform Selection and Deployment

Information and data is just one part of our Hybrid IT portfolio. Combined with our expertise and experience of delivering secure, robust networks and seamlessly integrated IT security solutions, we truly do have end-to-end capability.   

Computacenter is an independent service provider with 35 years’ experience and we provide consultancy services from strategic planning through to implementation. The result is faster IT modernisation; innovation, flexibility and agility; scalability; and business growth whilst also controlling costs. This is Digital Power.
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