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Healthcare professionals have been stretched beyond all imagination during Covid19. If nothing else, the global pandemic has accelerated the digital transformation of healthcare as part of the NHS Long Term Plan.
The plan by design is to search for better ways to deliver consistent, high quality care. Technology is an enabler of this change and it moves at a fast pace. This presents itself with many challenges for NHS Trusts, but also offers vast potential.

With over 30 years’ experience in healthcare, we can work across complex health environments to select the best technology for health professionals to enable digital transformation. We can help deliver a better experience for patients and staff alike, so more time is given back to clinicians to spend more time with their patients. We can integrate digital transformation with existing systems to continue to help the NHS Trusts to equip their staff with digital technology that they need to work effectively and efficiently every day.

Why Computacenter?

  • We offer our NHS trusts a rich choice of routes to market for the outcome being procured with flexibility for mini competition, direct award & eCatalogue sourcing options.
  • We enable the clinical workforce by providing access to the right tools and devices to enhance productivity to make more time available to care for patients.
  • We have access to skilled resources, including Project Managers, Solution Consultants and Service Management
  • We have access to 10+ National frameworks across the UK, spanning technology & services including Crown Commercial Services, HTE, NHS Shares Business Services regional alignment with Scotland & Wales
  • We have more than 1,000 technical and service experts to help deploy and integrate new solutions.

Helping the NHS accelerate the adoption of digital technology to deliver the best outcomes for staff & patients.

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