For us Cloud is more like the Sun

Hybrid IT infrastructures – based on your own data center and cloud technologies – are the fuel for digital transformation. You don’t have to reinvent, develop or operate everything yourself. The cloud delivers the energy – the power – that you need. Companies need to get this energy under control to make the most of it.

The cloud has many advantages: It provides the basis for agility, essential in today’s climate. It enables companies to respond faster and more effectively to digital business change and provides the freedom to move in all directions. The interplay between innovation and scaling creates this agility. The cloud also ensures high quality and automation. Processes run independently, without major human interaction. This is not only cheaper and faster, but also produces better results because the quality remains so consistently high.

Hybrid IT allows CIOs to support not only IT processes and applications, but also specialist areas and business operations better than ever before. CIOs can shift focus away the back office and become enablers in the front office. The cloud provides the necessary resources, its power coming from providing resources and capabilities more quickly – from storage and computing performance to middleware, applications and business processes. These elements are virtually inexhaustible through the public cloud, forming the optimal energy source for digitalisation. Because of this, the sun would actually be a more appropriate symbol than a cloud because it better symbolises the power that it provides.

When this energy is properly deployed, the cloud is a key factor in getting business going – just like our slogan ‘Cloud accelerating Business.’ It offers incredible potential but it must be well controlled to achieve the best results. Computacenter helps companies select, deploy and operate the right cloud technologies for their hybrid IT. This is particularly important for helping companies find their optimal mix rather than working with a single cloud provider. The general rule of the cloud is ‘divide and conquer,’ so IT managers are able to delegate tasks to Computacenter while maintaining control.

As a neutral service provider, Computacenter offers more than various public cloud services, but also private. Other considerations must be made as well, including security and protection of data, infrastructure and the digital workplace. Our broad portfolio addresses all of these challenges with years of experience of delivering the outcomes that our customers desire. The holistic hybrid IT infrastructures we provide ultimately make digital transformation possible for our customers. That’s what we mean by ‘Making Digital Work’.