Mine is very much a customer-led role. And it’s never boring. As a solution architect, I get to sit down with our customers, to understand their needs and advise them on the best solutions.

They may know what they want to achieve, but not always how to do it. So I often have to talk them through the different technologies and opportunities before I go on to define and cost the right solution for them. This customer focus is part of what I love. It’s what the job is all about. And if my customers are happy, then so am I – and so is Computacenter. I also have some great colleagues. There’s a culture of collaboration where people work together to co-create solutions, and I can always find the right person to talk to if I need extra support. But what’s really special is the huge confidence in us all on the part of the wider business.

I don’t have people on my back all the time. It’s up to each of us to manage our own time and make important decisions about what’s best for our customers. Nobody tries to block you. If something’s not right in the workplace, so long as you come up with a solution, rather than just talking about a problem, you get things done. We’re definitely a people company. I get to work from home if I’m pulling together a big document because the business recognises the value of giving people their own space. I’ve also learned a lot from my colleagues. And it’s not always technology lessons. 

One of my early managers in the business taught me about leadership; how to manage people and articulate what I want to get across, even if it’s not what others want to hear. This has shaped how I behave and share information at work today. Computacenter is one of those companies that people come back to. I took a year off recently to travel around the world – and write my first novel. Now I’m back. I’m in a different role and still loving it. By the way, my novel is available on Amazon!

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