I’m a relative newcomer to Computacenter, having only joined the company in May this year and previously working for another big IT company. Immediately before joining Computacenter I’d worked in an internal IT capacity at two different organisations – so I’ve been the customer, as well as the supplier.

As Service Unit Director for UK Services at Computacenter, my job today is to ensure we have the right people in place to deliver a great service to our customers. In practice this sees me spending around 50% of my time with the UK Services teams, ensuring they have the capabilities they need to do their jobs well..

The remaining 50% of my time is spent in direct contact with our customers at CIO level. I’ve been in their shoes. In fact, one of my primary reasons for joining Computacenter was my first-hand experience of how the business treats its customers. Computacenter stood out as an outsourcing partner when I worked in internal IT. While other suppliers spent time talking about their problems and how the outsourcing contracts weren’t right for them, Computacenter wanted to talk about me: about my problems and how to resolve them.

This customer focus resonated with me. It was the same determination to solve customer issues that I’d seen in a former business associate who is now my boss. She’s the other main reason I joined the company. We’d worked together previously and when the right time came to step up to a new role, it was her passionate advocacy of Computacenter and all the company stood for that told me I could build a career here.

Like any company, we have to understand the numbers and monitor the sales pipeline to be in business. However, our customers and our people remain the priority, our customers and our people remain the priority. Getting that balance right has been part of Computacenter’s success story.

It’s why our CEO or any of the senior executives will happily stop for a chat in the corridor. They may have responsibility for 15,000 employees working across Europe and further afield, but nobody’s too important to listen to what you’ve got to say. It comes down to our culture. Everyone is driven. There’s an energy and urgency about helping our customers and each other that’s come across in all the conversations I’ve had since starting work here.

At the same time, I believe it’s possible to have a good work-life balance. I can see that many of my team put in long hours and I view it as my job to make sure this doesn’t affect their ability to enjoy their lives. All good organisations recognise this and Computacenter certainly does. Computacenter. Bringing work to life.

Computacenter. Bringing work to life.