Within months of joining Computacenter I feel important to the company. What do I mean by that? I’m a first line analyst working in the contact centre in Hungary. This means I get to take calls or engage in live online chat with customers who need me to solve a problem.

There are between 200 to 250 of us working in the contact centre and there’s always someone I can ask for help if I can’t immediately deal with a customer’s issue. We work in small task forces of about 10 people and I’m in one that handles calls from France.

As a native French speaker – I moved from France to Hungary specifically to take up this role – I’ve found myself mentoring colleagues who aren’t as confident in the language as I am. And this is why I feel important.

I’ve been given the responsibility to mentor others despite being fairly new to the company myself. When I started here I had three weeks of training before getting going in the contact centre for real. On my first day handling live customer enquiries I was incredibly nervous. But when the first contact – it was a live chat – turned out to be a simple issue to resolve, my confidence grew.

It wasn’t long before I asked my manager if I could move beyond the live chat to answering calls. And now, here I am mentoring others. It’s a good sensation. I worked in a call centre in France before coming here and am still in touch with my old colleagues. I’m loving it so much here that I tell them to send in their CVs and come and work here too.

When I was offered the position I’d actually been put forward for one in another company at the same time. I didn’t know which job to go for, so I asked if I could have a look around each organisation. It was immediately clear that Computacenter was right for me.

I made absolutely the best choice. I’ve got a work-life balance that I didn’t have before. My shifts give me time for sport, either in the morning when I don’t start until 10.30am, or in the afternoon when my shift ends at 3.30pm. I’ve got my evenings back too, which is very different to other workplaces I’ve been in. And when I needed to take time off recently, that was no problem.

There are opportunities to prove yourself and take on extra responsibilities. So yes, I feel valued here.

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