One of the things that makes my job so special is the people I work with. I’m a senior consultant based in Berlin and a member of the Flexible Workplace solution team.

We focus on how to enable a modern digital workplace. I’m also currently the technical project manager for a major public sector software development project, with responsibility for architecture development and communicating with the customer on their requirements.

It’s a big team effort and is successful largely because of the way everyone pulls together.  We have a small nuclear team of around 10-13 people; some are Computacenter employees, while others come from external partner companies.

What’s so great is that we get together as a single unit with no ‘them and us’. We have a separate project room away from the main open plan office. It’s where we hold a daily stand-up meeting to talk through ideas, discuss the previous day’s progress, and make sure everyone knows what action is planned for the day ahead.

It’s an open culture, which is something I’ve come to value during the six and a half years I’ve worked here. I can simply pick up my phone and put in a call to any of my colleagues, confident that they’ll take the time to help out.

This spirit of cooperation inspires me every single day. Everyone I work with is friendly and considerate. In fact, I can honestly say they make every day a good day. We have a flexible approach to work, which means I can sometimes base myself at home if I’m not needed on the customer site. Perhaps the fact that I’m part of the Flexible Workplace team helps me in this respect because I’m aware of what it takes to be productive even when you’re not in the office.

The ability to work productively and quickly has been a vital factor in one of my proudest achievements since joining Computacenter. It’s actually the software development project I’m currently working on. This has come about as a result of the huge and unexpected refugee crisis in Europe. With an influx of refugees to Germany, the authorities responsible for their welfare and housing needed to move fast. As a project team we’ve had to build a new IT platform and software from scratch to support the massive administrative effort and engagement with the refugees. Typically, this might take from 1-2 years from start to finish, but we’ve managed it in six months. That’s pretty special. It’s been an incredible achievement that simply wouldn’t have been possible without great teamwork.

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