Managing the end of Mirosoft SQL 200//R2

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Many organisations have been slow to respond to the end of Microsoft SQL Server 2008/R2. Those running business critical databases on outdated software need to act quickly, to avoid the risk of disruption to their business.

Whilst the possibility of further security support still exists, this can prove to be prohibitively expensive and complicated, and will normally require a commitment to additional licensing, subscriptions or enrolment.

Updating your SQL 2008/R2 database licenses deliver a range of positive outcomes: reducing TCO, improving business agility, driving innovation and future-proofing your business. Let us show you how.

The right platform for performance

Modern software runs best on modern hardware, and this means that when updating your SQL 2008/R2 licenses you’ll also need to review your server environment. Computacenter and Intel help organisations to enhance and refresh their traditional Data Center infrastructure with simplified, optimised, secure and compliant solutions.

Accelerating your journey

As a leading, independent technology partner, we can help you to deliver true digital transformation. We are trusted by world-leading corporates and public sector organisations to source, manage and transform technology infrastructures.

A era of opportunity

How do you use the end of SQL Server 2008/R2 as an opportunity to make a step-change in your digital transformation strategy.
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The way forward

How the Computacenter Engagement Model helps to define, create and execute on your Data Center modernisation strategy.
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