Microsoft 365

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Harnessing the power of Microsoft 365

Change is the only constant in today’s digital world. Organisations need business platforms that are flexible enough to cope with change, support innovation, and maximise productivity - business platforms such as Microsoft 365.

Computacenter helps customers take full advantage of Microsoft 365 to drive their digital agendas. With all the benefits of the cloud, Microsoft 365 empowers users to work at their best, anytime, anywhere, and all at a predictable cost.

Empowering users to achieve more

Combining Microsoft staples such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint with powerful collaboration solutions for social networking, file-sharing and video-conferencing, Microsoft 365 offers an essential toolkit for the digital workplace.

th Microsoft 365, users get seamless and secure access to the information and services they need. They can join meetings from home, co-author content more easily, and connect with colleagues instantly.

Surface & Microsoft 365

Find out how we can help your business achieve its digital transformation goals with Microsoft 365.
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Microsoft 365 - To drive better business outcomes

Harness the power of Microsoft 365 to drive better business outcomes
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Getting it right first time

Computacenter has the expertise and experience to help organisations get more from their migration to Microsoft 365.

Working with our Microsoft experts, organisations can:

  • Identify the optimal subscription plans and components
  • Deliver the Microsoft 365 migration strategies that will deliver the quickest time to value
  • Streamline deployments using our best practice processes
  • Minimise the risk of project delays by addressing IT interdependencies
  • Simplify the management of Microsoft 365 environments
  • Maximise adoption rates and return on investment

From defining the solution architecture and identifying the best subscription plans to integrating on-premise systems and providing ongoing support, we help reduce project risks and costs.

The experience to deliver

At Computacenter, we understand organisations’ needs and the business challenges associated with achieving a truly digital workplace. With more than 800-certified Microsoft personnel and a holistic approach to Microsoft 365 deployments, we make sure organisations achieve their desired outcomes.

Computacenter’s Microsoft 365 credentials:

  • Computacenter has migrated more than 1.5 million users to Microsoft 365 for email and 80,000 users to full licences
  • We support 150,000 Microsoft 365 users across multiple devices
  • Computacenter is a member of the Microsoft High-Touch partner programme for Microsoft 365
  • Our relationships with key partners, including Mimecast, Quest Software and ICS, enhance the core Microsoft 365 proposition with additional capabilities