Put your Digital Trust in Computacenter 

The digital revolution is well under way in all commercial sectors and public sector.  Leading organisations are increasingly building their business strategies and models on information technology. Without a complete and integrated security strategy, companies face significant risk to their business and reputation through cyberattacks and fines for compliance violations. With the right IT security provider at your side, however, digitisation has enormous potential to increase your company's competitiveness by leveraging IT trends such as cloud, big data, or the Internet of Things (IoT).

Business-enabling security

This is where Computacenter comes in. Put your Trust in us and we will help you take advantage of all the benefits of digitalisation, while keeping your infrastructure, information, network and devices secure. We deliver a cohesive and holistic security portfolio, from endpoint security through to cyber defence and every layer in between. This is business-enabling security, establishing a seamless, secure working experience to maximise your digital ambitions.

Our approach to security is truly end-to-end. We will help you navigate the intricate vendor and technology landscape, procuring and provisioning security hardware and software at scale. We can do this through our extensive knowledge and expertise in office and industrial IT. The result is a security solution designed and built around your specific business needs, while reducing operational cost, improving service quality, and protecting your business data, identity, devices and work.

As we are completely vendor-independent, we have access to and we have experience of implementing technologies from a wide range of security partners. We always work with our customers to deploy the solution that best fits their needs and goals.

Digital Trust is intricately linked to the other solutions in our portfolio all that will make digital work for you. Digital Me addresses the core organisational needs of improving user experience, enhancing collaboration and supporting the growth of our customers’ businesses for a more efficient, enabled and engaged workforce. Digital Power incorporates our hybrid IT offerings including core IT infrastructure; infrastructure and cloud management; multi cloud; and information and data capability and services.

With our end-to-end portfolio, we create a safe working environment in today’s climate of frequent cyber-attacks, in which your employees can reach their full potential and your organisation can profit from the digital revolution. Our security solutions are far more than "just" a secure IT: we help you create trust and secure your business and your competitiveness. At the same time, we reduce operating costs, improve service quality and protect your data, identities and jobs.

This is Digital Trust in action, protecting your business, people and reputation every day.