HPE GreenLake is a consumption-based IT model that offers cloud-like benefits for your on-premises workloads, fast access to the technology you need, rapid scalability with an onsite buffer of extra capacity, and you pay only for what you use. As your trusted partner, Computacenter knows how to optimise the value of IT for your business with HPE GreenLake. Contact us, so we can evaluate your current IT status and create a roadmap that is right for you.

How to prepare for the IT challenges of the future?

Digital transformation creates amazing opportunities for organisations, but they need to adapt faster than ever before.

This eBook focuses on the key IT challenges any business is facing by 2025. It helps you prepare for an exciting future and introduces the concept of consumption-based IT models. To stimulate innovation, companies need to have fast access to new technology and become more cost-efficient.

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Digital transformation: 6 essential tips

Digital transformation has been a buzzword in many organisations, but the process itself is often a challenge. These tips help each business to become future-proof.

Pitfalls to avoid when moving to the cloud

Most organisations acknowledge the benefits of the public cloud, but many come back to an on-premises infrastructure. Here we explain the common mistakes when moving to the cloud.

On-premise or the cloud: what to choose?

Enterprises need to think about how to distribute their workloads. Do they have to choose between 100% on-premises or cloud? Discover the benefits of a hybrid cloud solution.

Why enterprises need everything as a Service

Many organisations are trying to free up cash for other investments than hardware, but they also need to be agile and flexible. This is why ‘as a Service’ solutions are very popular.

Why consumption-based IT is the future

Organisations of all types are moving to a consumption-based IT model. But why? What are the benefits that will help your business drive its digital transformation?