Enable people to be productive at all times of their working day.

New technologies and rising customer and employee expectations mean organisations must work smarter and faster. The pressure is on to become more data-driven, more productive, and more agile.


The cloud, versatile devices and a new wave of platforms and apps can make the difference, if coupled with a more nuanced approach to productivity. Organisations must focus on true workplace enablement, personalised insights and individual empowerment, powered by intelligent insights.


Computacenter’s DigitalMe advise and transform approach gives employers everything they need to maximise productivity. Devices and digital tools empower everyone to do their best work, while AI and automation take on the legwork, reducing IT issues and cutting downtime. Technology and support are matched to individuals, allowing people to work their way and to enjoy consumer-like experiences from any location. Smart use of cloud accelerates results, through faster access to apps and data, and the ability to automate manual tasks.


The result is a leaner, more productive workplace, leading to greater output and greater.

Our Productive People Services and Solutions include…

Endpoint Management

Develop an efficient, automated way of managing diverse devices and applications across your organisation.

Field Services & Lifecycle Services

Retain top talent by giving your people the things they crave — flexibility, accessibility and the feeling they are valued.

Device as a Service (DaaS)

Maintain an efficient and productive product lifecycle by optimising all steps of our core services in one solution for you.

Collaboration Management

Provide intuitive and empowering tools that make it easy to get work done. Empower your employees to work at their best and collaborate with colleagues – from anywhere.

Service Desk & Remote Support

Deliver exceptional employee experiences to ensure that people are productive, and that the best talent is retained.


Our Solutions

Workplace - Cloud & Applications - Data Center - Networking - Security