Built for business

Computacenter helps organisations streamline IT and provide their users with what they want – Fewer interruptions, inbuilt security, responsive business class performance and reliable connectivity on their disparate devices with the Built for Business Intel vPro® Platform.

Deliver effective and secure client support in a flexible workplace

Computacenter and the Intel vPro platform delivers effective and secure client support in a flexible workplace.

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Greater control, stronger security

Computacenter helps organisations establish the processes and tools they need to ensure mobile working doesn’t increase business risk.

The Intel vPro platform not only delivers exceptional performance and stability, but also provides hardware-based security and remote management capabilities to help IT departments support an increasingly mobile workforce. Rest assured that you are getting everything you need to run productively, more securely, and cost effectively 24/7.

The Intel vPro platform is architected to provide innovative security features, which help minimise risks associated with security threats complementing and enhancing the features of Windows 10 and the OEM’s own security tools and applications.

The benefits

Available in systems from all major PC vendors, the Intel vPro platform offers a wide range of security and remotemanagement features. These enable IT departments to:

  • Increase productivity & improve the employee experience wherever work happens.
  • Minimise computing disruptions with stable, validated platforms.
  • Protect, Detect & Recover: vPro.
    • Reduces the attack surface & protects data.
    • Discovers attacks quickly & limits the spread
    • Re-images and uses data to improve security moving forward