Continuous security of people, information and corporate data.

The rapid evolution of cyber threats, the need to stay compliant whilst navigating a constantly evolving world of work, and growing employee expectations require a new approach to workplace security, software and devices.


Organisations must ask themselves: are we truly secure from core-to-edge? Are we equipping our employees with every capability they need to allow us to serve and compete? Do our security policies interrupt work or frustrate our people?


Computacenter helps organisations achieve proportionate security that protects people and data without negatively impacting on the working day. Automated security and software updates are actioned seamlessly, while our integrated, end-to-end capabilities ensure every employee has the right hardware, provisioned with the right software, whenever and wherever they need it.


With Computacenter, organisations stay secure and productive, long-term, while the IT team is freed to deliver higher value projects.

Our Always Current, Always Secure Services and Solutions include…

Endpoint Management

The combination of best practice processes and systems management tooling across diverse endpoint platforms to configure, deploy, manage devices and delivers an exceptional experience for the modern workforce.​

Service Desk & Remote Support

Deliver exceptional employee experiences to ensure that people are productive, and that the best talent is retained.

Device as a Service (DaaS)

Maintain an efficient and productive product lifecycle by optimising all steps of our core services in one solution for you.

Collaboration Management

Intuitive and empowering tools and solutions that make it easy to get work done. Empower your employees to work at their best and collaborate with colleagues – from anywhere​

Experience Management

Analyse and utilise the data being generated across your IT systems and technologies that captures critical information of your business and IT in order to help drive productivity and employee experience.


Our Solutions

Workplace - Cloud & Applications - Data Center - Networking - Security