Achieving IT compliance and managing IT risk: improving business performance and operational efficiency

With many national and international regulations to be adhered to, plus the increasing need to meet industry specific security compliance standards, businesses are focused on implementing strategies to better manage overall governance, enterprise risk management and compliance with regulations.


With IT governance frameworks assessed and implemented by Computacenter, we can help support this business agenda, helping to reduce risk, breaking down silos and developing a ‘single source of data truth’. With services designed to identify the most effective vendor solutions to helping define and implement risk management frameworks, Computacenter can help to accelerate business performance and improve customer and investor confidence.

Customer Challenges

  • Increasing overhead of regulation & compliance
  • Lack of visibility of “current state” risk profile
  • Effectiveness & efficiency of Security processes


How we help

  • Operate Vulnerability Assessment and management
  • Deploy Information Security Management systems
  • Provide compliance and risk assessments of current controls


Customer Benefits

  • Gain transparency and awareness of risk profile
  • Free up resource to focus on compliance
  • Support to achieve compliance
  • Understanding of control compliance gaps

Security Assessment Services

Insight, advice and options to identify, categorise and manage risk

Automated Vulnerability Management

Ensure the output of vulnerability scanning delivers successful patching.

Information Security Management

Establish new or assess existing, Information Security Management Systems

Security Vendor Assessment and Selection

POC, vendor assessment and shortlisting and vendor BattleDays

Solutions & Services

Cyber Defence

Defend and react faster using security monitoring, vulnerability management, Endpoint Detection & Response, incident response services and threat intelligence.

Cloud Security

Protect critical information, support regulatory compliance and secure privacy with flexible, scalable policies, controls, procedures and technologies covering public, private and multi-cloud environments.

Infrastructure Security

Enhance infrastructure availability and support agility by optimising and consolidating infrastructure security controls and helping to implement new Security architectures.

Workplace Security

Secure the workplace, protect users and guard data with a comprehensive set of services including Windows 10 security solution design, M365 Security Advisory services and Managed Endpoint Detection and Response.

Identity & Access

Balance user productivity with data security, lock down security risks and open up new ways of remote working.

IT Governance, Risk & Compliance

Support and maintain IT governance frameworks with technology solutions that protect customer policies, processes and people. Understand how to adapt working practices to monitor and manage governance, minimise risk and ensure your organisations achieves compliance.

Industrial Security

IT expertise combined with OT know-how to make your organisation ready for Industry 4.0. Develop, implement and maintain IT infrastructures to deliver high-performing and secure architectures from the factory to the Data center.


Our Solutions

Workplace - Cloud & Applications - Data Center - Networking - Security