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Hybrid Work? Work happy! Future working models bring many advantages

New working models are in demand. People no longer want to spend every day nine-to-five in the office. The solution: location-independent working. Employees can work together on projects from anywhere. One part of the team continues to work in the office, the other part from any location. This brings more flexibility, autonomy, and success. With Computacenter, mobile working becomes an experience because thanks to our partnership with HP, we offer you the best Modern Workplace with market-leading technology from HP.

The traditional workplace is increasingly losing its importance. The future belongs to the modern workplace with hybrid working models. Employees are free to choose whether they want to work in the office, in their own four walls, on the beach or during a train journey. We bring the team together digitally and ensure efficient collaboration between the office and anywhere in the world. To do this, we rely on agile working with digital tools, video conferencing platforms and much more. This shift towards the Modern Workplace benefits both companies and employees.


Benefits of the Modern Workplace


Higher productivity

For companies, Modern Workplace can lead to greater efficiency and productivity - and thus to more success. Because employees make better use of their time. Those who work somewhere other than the office are not distracted by office noise and interruptions and can concentrate fully on their work. In addition, each person can work when they feel most productive, be it in the middle of the night, early in the morning or at the weekend. People have the flexibility to decide when they want to commute. In this way, time-consuming rush hours can be avoided.


More satisfaction

If employees have the feeling that they can combine their professional and private lives well, they are happier and more satisfied. The freedom to work when and where you want has a hugely positive impact on your work-life balance. Added to this is the opportunity to dress casually, spend more time with loved ones and enjoy little breaks in between. Being able to spend the working day with a dog has also been shown to lift the mood.


Less costs

Less presence means lower costs for employees and companies. Those who work from their home office save on public transport tickets or the fuel for their daily commute by car. It is also usually cheaper to eat at home than to go to a take-away or a restaurant. Companies, on the other hand, can save on office space costs and additional benefits that employees normally receive at the office.


Work Happy with Computacenter and HP

The shift to hybrid working shows that productive, collaborative, and innovative working is possible from almost anywhere. Companies need to adapt to these changes to remain relevant and competitive for their employees. But a Modern Workplace also brings some technical challenges. For home office, remote work, and all other forms of hybrid collaboration to work, appropriate IT equipment is extremely important.


A strong partner

Together with our partner HP, we support you in the transformation to more mobile and modern ways of working. We provide the perfect Modern Workplace so that you can benefit from all the advantages in the future. To do this, we equip your IT teams with the tools you need for the new era of hybrid working. From HP mobile devices that can be equipped with 5G modules so your team can securely access all their data while on the move, to cloud-based productivity tools and collaborative work environments that are suitable for both face-to-face and virtual meetings. We also make hybrid working safe because our security solutions reliably protect you from threats from the internet.



Are you interested in a Modern Workplace and would like to find out more? Contact us for a personal consultation - we look forward to hearing from you!


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