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Audit-Proof management of access rights

Thanks to Computacenter, HUK-COBURG has already implemented key parts of BaFin's risk management requirements and started the recertification process on time.

HUK-COBURG is one of the ten largest German insurance groups. With over twelve million customers, HUK is the largest insurer for private households in Germany. Around 13 million insured motor vehicles make HUK-COBURG the largest German car insurer.




In accordance with the requirements of the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin), HUK-COBURG had to carry out a group-wide recertification of the Entitlements by 1 July 2021. For this purpose, it was necessary to ensure a regular review of the access rights of employees. The persons responsible for the rights must be able to approve or revoke IT access rights accordingly.




First, Computacenter analysed the existing environment and created a concept for the different recertification types to be used as well as for the connection of the source systems. At the same time, the IT service provider provided support in classifying the authorisations, cleaning up the source systems and implementing the identity management solution (IM).




Thanks to the new solution, HUK-COBURG was already able to implement the requirements of BaFin in significant parts and start the recertification on time. In the new IM solution, all rights to be checked are always mirrored from the connected systems. The interface and handling are very user-friendly. In addition, the insurer benefits from an easily expandable reporting system and always has a good overview of the current status. Escalation and reminder mechanisms remind the respective employees of open to-dos.


We have been working successfully with Computacenter for a long time. Our contacts are always happy to think outside the box and establish relationships with reference customers. We’ve already reviewed several other successful case studies.

Uwe R. Dietz - Head of Identity and Access Management, HUK-COBURG

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