We enable you to roll-out new data center infrastructure fast enough to meet business needs

The constant need for innovation and new systems can put a strain on IT departments. They must be able to roll out new infrastructure rapidly to meet business needs, but this can be resource-intensive and costly. Computacenter’s Rapid Data Center Deployment (RDD) service helps you implement faster, with less risk and at lower cost, whether it’s a dedicated data center or a co-location facility. It helps:


  • Accelerate deployment timelines from months to weeks to maximise competitive advantage.
  • Reduce costs by leveraging our shared resources model to integrate and configure devices in advance, rather than using costly onsite specialists
  • Make better use of data center space by eliminating delays to deployments
  • Safeguard outcomes and mitigate risk with extensive pre-delivery testing
  • Maximise IT team productivity and free them up for more strategic activities while our engineers work on the deployment
  • Simplify sustainability with reduced power consumption by removing data center integration and multiple deliveries to removing all


Rapid Data Center Stories

Volkswagen Financial Services

We helped Volkswagen Financial Services keep costs and administrative effort low when moving to their new data center.

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Our Cloud & Data Center solutions and services

Data Center Services

We help you with your data center strategy, technology refresh services, data center planning and relocation and provide data management services as well as multi-vendor maintenance.

Cloud Platform Strategy

We help you develop a strategy and roadmap to run public cloud at enterprise scale and implement it according to our 'best architected framework' to meet your requirements. With Azure and AWS we are able to help:

- Deliver against strategic priorities
- Establish a strategy and vision
- Align business efforts
- Determine the minimum foundation needed for cloud ambitions

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Marketplace Software Sourcing

Computacenter Marketplace software sourcing services help you procure AWS marketplace software from a set of Independent Software Vendors.

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Next Generation Private Cloud

We help you solve the challenges of traditional IT with next generation private cloud platforms.

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Cloud Enterprise Foundations

With Cloud Enterprise Foundation Services we help you ensure the right strategic and operational foundations are in place to scale cloud adoption successfully. Our services cover AWS and Microsoft Azure hyperscale cloud providers, supporting with:

- Strategic Foundations
- Operational Foundations
- Commercial Guidance
- Building a Cloud Centre of Excellence

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Our FinOps for Public Cloud Service is designed to help you leverage FinOps capabilities by providing the necessary tooling and expertise to balance cost, speed and quality in order to gain financial and operational control while maintaining the velocity and innovation benefits of Public Cloud.

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Rapid Data Center Deployment Services

We enable you to roll-out data center infrastructure faster, with less risk and at lower cost.

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Cloud Optimisation

We help you to optimise AWS and Microsoft Azure cloud usage to maximise the benefits of using public cloud and minimise the risk of cost over-spend or security and governance issues. Our Optimisation services:

- Ensure governance and guardrail controls are in place to protect applications and data
- Technically review and optimise workloads running in the cloud
- Optimise cost to drive maximum value
- Accelerate adoption using landing zones and automation

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Application Migration

We successfully deliver complex cloud migration and transformation projects, delivering the benefits set out in the business case to maximize the return on investment.

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Infrastructure Managed Services

We build and manage your physical data center infrastructure or your turnkey private cloud solutions, including private clouds build on pre-defined blueprints and platform management for selected systems.

Cloud Managed Services

We manage your public and multi-cloud environment.

Application Platform Services

The Computacenter Application Platform services provides public and private cloud infrastructure and standardised application runtimes that deliver highly automated, secure and consistent application hosting environments.


Our Solutions

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